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Consider that everything is temporary, then you will not be too happy when fortunate and not too sad when suffering.

Some participants in meetings raise the question: Are they part of the solution or are they part of the problem?
(Robert Jungk)

I cannot say whether things will get better when they change, but I can say that things must change in order to get better.
(Georg Christoph Lichtenberg)

What should have been done the day before yesterday can wait for the day after tomorrow.
(from Spain)

Somebody who wants to do everything himself should not complain when he ends up having to do everything himself.
(Henri Nannen)


There is nothing in the world that somebody else could not make a little worse and sell a bit cheaper.
(John Ruskin)

It is not true that costs determine the price. The prices achievable in a market define the costs you can afford.
(Rainer Megerle)

Many things are technically feasible, but a product can only find a market when its price can be justified.
(Robert N. Noyce)

Once you have gathered enough experience, you are too old to make use of it.
(William Somerset Maugham)

Few people know a lot, nobody knows everything, but some people know everything better.
(unknown source)

We are here to become, not to be.
(Johann Michael Sailer)

How much better would we be off if motivation could be as easily stirred as envy.
(Lothar Schmidt)

It is harder to shatter a prejudice than an atom.
(Albert Einstein)

It is not wise to pay a lot, but it is even worse to pay too little.
When you pay too much, you lose some money, that's all.
But when you pay too little, you might lose everything, as the thing you bought cannot do what it was supposed to do.
The laws of economics rule out that you can get lots of value for little money.
(John Ruskin)

Everything in life has its price; even the things of which you think you get them for free.
(Theodor Fontane)

Only few people know how much you have to know in order to know how little you know.
(Werner Heisenberg)

Release me from my passion of wanting to order the affairs of others.
(Teresa von Ávila)

Enjoy life, it is later than you think.
(from the Orient)